Official certifications

Nove Latina certifications will be available soon


Basic user (introductory level)

Understand / use everyday expressions

Know how to introduce yourself and others

Know how to ask and answer simple questions

Communicate in a simple way if the interlocutor speaks slowly


Basic user (intermediate level)

Understand everyday expressions

Be able to communicate during simple tasks

Describe your immediate environment in a simple way

Bring up subjects that correspond to immediate needs


Independent user (threshold level)

Understand the essential points of a discussion (work etc.)

Be autonomous in situations encountered while traveling

Be able to produce a simple speech on familiar topics

Know how to tell an experience, briefly explain an idea


Independent user (advanced level)

Understand the essential content in a complex text

Understand a technical discussion in your specialty

Communicate spontaneously and comfortably with a native speaker

Express yourself clearly on a wide range of subjects


Autonomous user

Understand long and demanding texts, and implicit ideas

Express yourself spontaneously and fluently without searching for words

Use language efficiently and flexibly in social life

Express yourself on complex subjects in a clear and structured manner


Proficient user

Understand effortlessly what is read or heard

Know how to coherently summarize the arguments read or heard

Express yourself spontaneously, very fluently, precisely

Identify nuances of meaning in relation to complex subjects

Professional certifications

Teacher 1

Intermediate level teacher

Teach Nove Latina to students of levels A1, A2, B1 and B2

Teacher 2

Advanced level teacher

Teach Nove Latina to students of all levels (up to C2)

Translator 1

Intermediate translator & interpreter

Translate simple texts, with the help of the dictionary

Interpreting on simple oral exchanges

Translator 2

Advanced translator & interpreter

Translate complex texts, with or without dictionary help

Interpreting on complex oral exchanges