A language for Europe

Language made by Europeans, for Europeans. Everyone can contribute to the vocabulary by proposing new words.

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Modern Latin: the future of Europe


Easy to learn

Simple rules, without exceptions, without variations, a phonetic pronunciation: Modern Latin is learned 10x faster than other languages.


A very current language

Enriched with thousands of words to designate contemporary concepts, Modern Latin is also an egalitarian language.


A thousand-year-old heritage

With more than 2000 years of history, Modern Latin is a rich language allowing to express the most subtle nuances.


A collaborative language

Modern Latin is a language made by Europeans, for Europeans: everyone can complete the vocabulary, suggest new words...

The Academy provides the community with a collaborative dictionary allowing everyone to add new words.

Discover the basics

Concorde in varieta

United in diversity


Official division of the European Union in Modern Latin


Why a language for Europe?

In theory, European elected representatives and civil servants are supposed to work simultaneously in 24 official languages. In fact, all exchanges take place in the language of the world's leading power (the United States)

However, to defend its jobs and its values, the EU must be independent from other great powers. It must be more autonomous and cooperative, which requires the use of its own language.

Therefore, with the AlterEuropa project, we want the European institutions to work in our own language: a language that is more precise and 10x faster to learn than Anglo-American. We want all European citizens to be equal, without discrimination between native speakers and others.

Let us rediscover the major projects that have made its strength in Europe: Airbus, Ariane, Erasmus... On the industrial level of course, but also of identity: with the development and adoption of our own common language.

Discover the basics

The role of the Academy

Modern Latin is a collaborative language: all Europeans can add new words or complete the dictionary on the site latina.ac, maintained by the Academy of Modern Latin.

To avoid abuse and maintain the spirit of the language, the Modern Latin Academy checks new terms and may accept, reject or refine the proposed words, phrases, definitions and translations.

Discover the basics

Discover Modern Latin

Modern Latin is learned 10x faster than other languages

Discover the basics